Sunday, September 13, 2009

Marseille by night

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Marseille, the streets

Vieux Port, Marseille by night (by scooter !!!!)

You Tube "on the back of a scooter" clips

So much has happened since April - there is no real chance of catching up everything - from the paradise month spent at my beach place in Narbonne, the highs and lows of the year, teaching and how rewarding it is, living in Marseille, not getting paid much and what a pain that is... Life goes on - the sun still shines... and the Vieux Port is a mere 4km away.

Some recent rides on the back of our scooter - giving you the real deal Marseille are available here or on YouTube from my MarseilleMum profile.

Marseille Castellane by night

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The George Foreman

You know when your man is home when.. he leaves the sink sponge balancing on top of the grill - i mean "please!!!"

in all your life, my beloved man, how many times have u cleaned that grill?

i goddam hope never, knowing if you use THAT sponge on my goerge foreman grill it will probably need replacing - one requires a clean clean bleach and detergent free cloth - just a water powered dish cloth - clean the grill with that AND ELBOW GREASE - heat it a bit if you need to get the grease off and you can't quite manage - though i usually can. And thats the start really - as it would possibly mean something if the kitchen was a space that you spent some time and inspiration within !? or EVER used other than to make TOAST.

So for one night I have left the grill - and now two as I am writing this - though I really don't think it will be two - Im gonna gettup and clean it - never knew it was such a big issue.. and personally - for the record I loved my toasted cheese sandwich tonight - with a bit of a meaty flavour due to any residue on the grill - it was extra flavour very much enjoyed - but so so - got to go and get my sponge.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Maybe What...?

RECESSION: For some people it is the time for cutting down and cutting back. , Although I do this a little during the interim period, I come from a background of belief in myself, so I have to find a way to make more money and not do this, to ultimately live a better life in THIS situ or whatever situation... so.. time to beat the recession ..

Ebay - Tried that been there and the trouble is that if your 2nd hands good are label and brand name - they gonna shut you down quick time - and time and time again they gonna track you and shut you down - their charges are high - dont get me wrong there is profit to be made here, but with tons of patience... no time to waste here..

On-Line Betting - Tried that too - tripled my money in a week - so it IS possible - but VERY risky - lost it all a few weeks later- really depends if your heart and your bank balance can take it and I decided to get out before finding out - could've been a millionaire, shoul've tried harder, would've had a chateau - all coulda woulda shoulda to me - I knew instinctively (and through forums) it wasnt a good thing.

Shares - So Far Very Exciting, far less risky, in fact perfect for someone like me - I quickly popped over to London and attended a little seminar to learn some more, got back, learned a bit and chose/earmarked some - they are rising! I am waiting to do it with REAL money. I bought a few shares last month before I knew how it works properly and thank goodness they are making money too... so all good but have to ACT NOW - GET IT WORKING!!!

Maybe its the answer - watch this space!